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The Northeast FastPitch League Announces Inaugural Season

The Northeast League includes the following states: Eastern PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI , MA, NH, VT, ME.

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NEFL Free Registration

League Date: 09/01/2020 - 08/31/2021


NEFL Summer Championships

Date: 7/2/2021- 7/4/2021


Teams register for the NEFL season which runs from Sept 1 through August, 2021. 

There are Tier 1 and Tier 2 Divisions for each age group.

Teams will be initially placed in Tier 1 or 2 based on their USSSA registration level.  USSSA B or C teams will be placed in Tier 2. Teams not registered with Utrip will be determined by the NEFL Staff. The league commissioner does reserve the right to move a team up or down at anytime.

Already established Competitive Events will be designated events. Finishes in the tournaments will generate points.  Standing will be kept.

Teams must play a minimum of 5 league games vs other league members.  Teams may play in league events hosted by one of our partner leagues around the country.

Teams are encouraged to keep all stats of NEFL games. Stats will be kept along with standings, coaches poll, and player of the week awards.Reporting information will be sent to the coaches in the next week or so. 

We are adding existing events to our schedule. If you wish to have your  event added to the NEFL schedule, email us at 




The Northeast Fastpitch League is pleased to announce the most exciting structured event to take place in softball in many years. Leaders from some of the top programs in the country have come together to figure out a new way of presenting our sport. The Northeast Fastpitch League (NEFL) is a league that allows all teams to compete on the same level. NEFL has created a “collegiate-type” event structure and championship series to add purpose of play, excitement and opportunities for all players across the Northeast states. The NEFL, as a member League of the Alliance Fastpitch, UNITY...... is our mission. Our Young athletes are the lifeline of our game, and how our League will grow and prosper.



The NEFL gives all teams an opportunity to play against the best in a college preparatory format that has unlimited exposure to college coaches. Each team will play in already established events. The summer will conclude with a league championship that all teams qualify for. Through this league we will grow the game of fastpitch regionally and nationally in a college league format. Our desire is to see all teams prepare their players, parents, and coaches for the collegiate level.

The NEFL is a member League of THE ALLIANCE FASTPITCH. The Alliance Fastpitch which will merge the efforts and oversee all Alliance Member Leagues including the California Fastpitch League, Gulf Coast Fastpitch League, Heart of America Fastpitch League, Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League, Texas Fastpitch League, and the Southeast Fastpitch League. This national alliance will have enormous benefits for the sport, the teams, coaches, and, most importantly, the players. As an Alliance member, you will have access to digital resources, events, experiences, and individual insurance provided by USA Softball.

The Alliance is the national unification of all Alliance Member leagues.  The Alliance will provide oversight and guidance for the regional leagues in order to create sound infrastructure in the elite youth game.  Additionally, the Alliance will drive-centric programming and resources geared towards the continual development of elite athletes, coaches, parents, and officals.

All Alliance Member leagues players and coaches are required to join the Alliance.  As an Alliance member you will have access to digital resources, events, experiences, and individual insurance provided by USA Softball.

The Head coach first must register their team with thier member league.  After, and email invitation is sent to all players and coaches to register with the Alliance directly.  All members will be issued digital ID card and be issued individual insurance through USA softball.

This national Alliance will have enormous benefits for the sport, the teams, coaches, and most importantly, the players.